The Human Side of Exit Planning

Jun 22, 2020

Steve Goodman, CEO and Founder of SHG Planning, has over 30 years of experience in business succession planning. His firm specializes in high-end, sophisticated business succession, estate planning, for high and ultra high net worth individuals. Steve enjoys the uniquely interesting challenge that comes with helping this level of client, both technically and emotionally. Steve’s goal is to make sure nothing is overlooked in your wealth transfer.

In his interview, Steve helps humanize and demystify this daunting process. Many people think not planning is easier than planning, as it may cause turbulence within the family, however not having a plan can cause even more family discord. Steve gives a few practical examples of common mistakes made during the planning process, and how individuals may be impacted by them. He also stresses the importance of deeply understanding your unique situation so your wealth and assets can be best managed. The insight Steve offers regarding the human side of estate and succession planning is indispensable.

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