Shock Your Potential Podcast: Be Smarter Every Day

I was recently interviewed by Michael Sherlock on her podcast, Shock Your Potential, as part of her Money Matters series. Click below to hear advice on exit strategies for businesses, including retirement and succession!...

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The Great American Senior Show

Whether you are a senior citizen, are caring for an aging loved one, or simply trying to grow a business and live your life, advice is always needed. Make the advice insurance planning, wealth management, and tips for surviving the financial strains brought on by...

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Architecture Business Succession Planning

I was recently interviewed by Mark R. LePage from the EntreArchitect Podcast. Many small firm architects start their architecture firm and do their job without thinking about a succession plan. What are some things you should be thinking about to plan for the future...

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Good Advice podcast: Succession Planning your business

Steven Goodman joins the podcast to talk business succession. Are you prepared to transition your business over to a family member or loved one? Steven shares all the best insights from the past 30 years running his business SHG Planning. Want to learn more? Download...

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