Architecture Business Succession Planning

I was recently interviewed by Mark R. LePage from the EntreArchitect Podcast. Many small firm architects start their architecture firm and do their job without thinking about a succession plan. What are some things you should be thinking about to plan for the future...

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Be Smarter Every Day

I was recently interviewed by Michael Sherlock on her podcast, Shock Your Potential, as part of her Money Matters series. Click below to hear advice on exit strategies for businesses, including retirement and succession!...

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Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth

I was recently interviewed by Gary Heldt on the Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth podcast. It was a great experience! Gary is passionate about what he does! The Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth podcast features some of the brightest and successful minds...

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Succession Planning/Building A Business That Lasts

Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, Jay Owen features conversations with business owners...

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Star Mountain Case Study

Star Mountain Capital CEO Brett Hickey sits down virtually with Steve Goodman, the President & CEO of SHG Planning to discuss the importance of succession and estate planning.

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Family Business Succession w/ Steven Goodman

I recently wrote a book on Business Succession Planning. I wrote it for all business leaders, including chapters specifically written for family business leaders. We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. –Chuck Palahniuk...

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