UNCHARTED with Steve Goodman & Jess Dewell

Part of you is building your business for the legacy. Legacy to your family, to your name, to your community… to the dream you are making real every day with your hard work. Most wealth does not make more than one generation – and Steven Goodman, President of SHG...

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Shock Your Potential Podcast: Be Smarter Every Day

I was recently interviewed by Michael Sherlock on her podcast, Shock Your Potential, as part of her Money Matters series. Click below to hear advice on exit strategies for businesses, including retirement and succession!...

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The Great American Senior Show

Whether you are a senior citizen, are caring for an aging loved one, or simply trying to grow a business and live your life, advice is always needed. Make the advice insurance planning, wealth management, and tips for surviving the financial strains brought on by...

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Leaving Wealth To The Next Generation with Wes Moss

Building generational wealth is important and can help to set your family and future family up for success. However, what planning is required when it comes to passing down that wealth to your children and their children? In this podcast episode, Wes sits down with...

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